Pantograph Quilting

Your quilt can have an edge to edge design applied with one of our longarm machines. Some of our current patterns are on the pattern gallery, but contact us for more details. The minimum charge for pantograph designs is £85.00.


We have a range of cotton threads from top manufacturers in both solid and variegated colours, e.g. King Tut, YLI, OMNI. The cost of thread is included in the quilting charge.


After quilting, we will trim the edges of your quilt level with the edge of your top. If you prefer us to leave your top untrimmed, please let us know when your quilt top is booked in.

Backing Fabric

It is very important to ensure that your backing fabric is at least 4” larger than your top in all directions. If there is a joining seam it should have a ½” seam allowance pressed open. If you are buying backing from us, we will cut it in the most economical way for your top and any surplus will be returned to you with your completed quilt.

Please remove selvedge edges from any internal seams on your backing, as they will shrink more when washed and may cause distortion of your quilt backing.

Please also be aware of any colour printing/writing on the edges of your fabrics which may show through on seam allowances.

We have a large range of wide backing fabrics in stock, e.g. Moda, Ebor and Benartex, including calico, neutrals and plain colours, floral, textured prints, batiks and space dyed.


If you send wadding with your quilt top, please ensure that it is between 3” and 6” larger than your top in all directions.

We stock bolts of the following:

HOBBS HEIRLOOM 80/20 (120”) CREAM/BLACK@£13.00 per metre
HOBBS POLYDOWN (108”) WHITE/BLACK@£11.00 per metre
BAMBOO/COTTON BLEND (96”)@£11.50 per metre
BAMBOO/COTTON BLEND (120”)@£15.00 per metre
SOFT COTTON (90”)@£11.00 per metre
SOFT COTTON (120”)@£14.00 per metre
WARM AND WHITE (100% BLEACHED COTTON) (90”)@£13.00 per metre
WARM AND WHITE (100% BLEACHED COTTON) (124”)@£14.00 per metre
January 2022


We can attach your binding to your quilt if required, either to the front only, for you to complete by hand, or hand sewn to the back of your quilt. We use 2½” folded strips of fabric to provide a double binding. Please send enough uncut fabric to make the length required – e.g. ½m of fabric will provide enough binding for 280” of edging to allow for turnings and mitres. Please refer to the price list to determine the cost of adding on binding, calculated on the size of your quilt.

Separate Border Designs

Separate border(s) designs on your quilt will incur an extra charge of £20 on the pantograph price for remounting the quilt.

Quilting By Intelliquilter

It is now possible for us to resize pantographs and block patterns using our computer driven system. Contact us for the new range of patterns/resizing options.


Your top, wadding and backing can be basted together with large easy to remove stitches ready for you to hand or machine quilt yourself. Prices start at £40.00 depending on the size of your quilt.